Book Publishing 21st Century Style

Books picture The future is e-books. Here at JayCurt, we love books. Our aim is to make it straightforward for our authors to be published. We focus on e-books as the fastest route to publication and the most convenient and cost-effective method of making our books available to customers. Our books are available in all major electronic formats including formats targeted at the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Ipad. All our books are available to purchase from Amazon in the USA, UK and elsewhere. For those who do also want to have printed books, this can be arranged using the latest on-demand printing methods.

JayCurt - A New Type of Publisher

The rapid growth in the e-books market and the availability of on-demand printing led to the formation of JayCurt in 2012. Unlike traditional publishing houses, our focus on e-books (with on-demand printed books as an option) means that costs can be kept low. This in turn means that we can allow readers to decide the merit of books rather than the publisher sitting in judgement. If the book is well-written and well-marketed then it will sell. If not, it will not. We leave this to the author and welcome all authors to publish their books with us, subject to conditions.

You can understand nothing about art, particularly modern art, if you do not understand that imagination is a value in itself.

Milan Kundera 2008

Please contact us if you are a potential or existing author to discuss how JayCurt can help you with the publication and sales of your book.

JayCurt works with authors throughout the UK, Spain and Europe. We are happy to speak to you in English, Spanish, German or French.